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Bape, Bathing Ape Clothing Products Online

By: Sam Benoit

Bape which is short for Bathing Ape is a Japan clothing company born on 1993. Bathing Ape was created by Nigo first as a T-shirt brand. It originated in Shibuya in the Harajuku area in Tokyo. Bapes clothing is one of the first Japanese brands of streetwear. The brand name Bathing Ape when based on the common saying of the Japanese language is ‘bathing in lukewarm water” that describes the youth of Japan for following the latest and most popular trends.
This clothing company has an appealing style especially when it comes to the Hip Hop fashion. Fans of Hip Hop clothing in the United States and other countries all over the world are taken by Bapes fashion by storm. Bapes is the slickest brand name of today’s clothing fashion that fans of Hip Hop clothing fashion will stay in line and wait up for hours for the newest release.
Just recently, Bape on the account of some of the popular entertainers and celebrities of Hollywood has reached the mainstream culture. Celebrities such as Def Jam Recordings’ President, hip hop productions duo’s Pharell Williams and the Neptunes, Fall Out Boy and rap-artist Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy & the Clipse, R&B singer J. Hall, Kenny Tran and Jay-Z to name a few.
Nigo the creator of Bapes has featured Hollywood artists from America in Bathing Ape’s catalogue features and advertisements. With the success which was quite inevitable, of the creative live, Pharell Williams has collaborated with Bapes clothing company. The collaboration happened amongst the designers of Billionaires Boys Club which is a clothing line, Ice Cream a line of shoes and of course Bathing Apes clothing line. The shoe line of Ice Cream is produced by Reebok with Bathing Ape’s creator Nigo’s inputs.
Bape’s popularity was cemented in the United States when its first store opened in 2004 in New York City.
With the big help of the internet technology, Bapes are now available online to all Hip Hop clothing fans. Bapes apparels are featured on certain websites all over the internet. Online purchases of Bapes clothing products will save you a trip to Tokyo or to New York, no need to save for some travel money for you to have authentic Bape clothing products, instead more budgets for purchasing them online.
The best prices of Bapes clothing products are available online and some are also offering free express shipping especially if you place your order today. The product line of Bapes streetwear includes Bape T-shirts, Bape jeans, Bape shoes and sneakers, Bape hoodies, and other Bape clothes.
Once you take advantage of the offers of Bape clothing products online, with its limited supply, the availability of your desired Bape clothing product will be a sure thing besides the huge saving you are going to make with it because Bape clothing products are offered through the internet with the best prices you could ever get. The items will be shipped to you in excellent condition, sealed with all the tags in a bag. Customers are guaranteed with 100% satisfaction when they place their orders of Bapes clothing products online.

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How To Find The Appropriate Lingerie For Your Age

By: Gregg Hall

Age plays an important role when purchasing lingerie, although women are looking younger and staying healthier for longer periods of time. Today a woman of 40 looks like a woman of 30 did during the 1970s. Because we are taking better care of ourselves, exercising and eating better, many of us continue to look and feel young. When you purchase lingerie, however, you should be sure to get the right lingerie for your age.
While a young high school girl will look cute in boy shirts and a t-shirt, this look can seem ridiculous for a 40 year old woman. There are many different fads in lingerie nowadays and while young people can get away with wearing fad type clothes, older people tend to look as if they are desperately trying to recapture their youth when they dress in such a fashion. This includes lingerie as well as outer wear.
The same way a young girl probably would not feel comfortable going around in lingerie made with an older woman in mind, an older woman should take care that she wear age appropriate lingerie. This includes bras, panties, and night clothes. This does not mean that everyone over the age of 40 should start wearing flannel pajamas and cotton underwear. It simply means that it is important to dress your age, right down to your lingerie.
Because an older woman may tend to have more problems with her figure as time and gravity takes its toll on the body, she may choose to wear a support bra with an underwire cup. This will lift up what time has allowed to sag and make her clothes look and fit better as well. It is also confidence inspiring as there are many different bras that are made to lift.
There are also panties that are made with older women in mind that also lift up the buttocks, which also tend to sag a bit as we get older. Again, wearing such support style lingerie can make a big improvement in your outer look. Your pants will look and fit better.
When many people hear support lingerie, they think of thick, white bustiers and bras of the past. This is not the case anymore. Lingerie companies are making sexy, alluring and elegant garments with the woman over the age of 40 in mind. And because a woman over the age of 40 can usually afford to spend more on her clothes and lingerie than a woman in her 20s, an older woman has an advantage of being able to wear not only well suited lingerie that will show off her figure to its advantage, but also fine, designer type lingerie.
There is no reason why a woman of 40 can not look and feel as sexy going to bed as a woman of 20 in her lingerie. From teddies to chemise slips, there are a variety of lingerie items made for older women in mind. Much has to do with your body type. If you have gained a few pounds, you may enjoy wearing a loose fitting camisole top and tap pants that look good on all body types. You can also wear some of the silk chemise style nightgowns that are timeless classics for all age groups.
Nightgowns and peignoir sets are also timeless and are more appropriate for older than younger women. A teenager is not going to wear a peignoir, she would look silly. However, a woman of 45 who wears such a garment will look elegant.
When shopping, it is important to keep your age in mind, even when shopping for lingerie. Choosing the right lingerie for your age as well as body type will make you feel more confident and will allow your clothing to look better.

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Maternity Clothing And Your Style

By: Andrea Morris

When you are pregnant and you have to purchase maternity garments to fit your new temporary form, you don't have to abandon all your former shopping standards. You can still think about getting clothing with pretty necklines, shades that flatter your skin tone, and designs that highlight your most attractive features. On the other hand you do have to think about several considerations as you do your searching. Remember them and you can still remain your sensual and stylish self right up to the day when your baby is born.
While you definitely want to go with tops and dresses that will be loose over your belly, resist the temptation to purchase items that will be that free flowing all over. Tops that are totally unstructured will make you appear shapeless and larger than you are. The best bet, then, is to choose a shirt that will provide some structure and be possibly even formfitting throughout the bust. This will draw attention to a feature other than your tummy, and give you the illusion of a figure.
So if you are trying to draw attention to your chest, you don't want it showcased with an old bra or one that lacks support. It is absolutely vital to have the correct bra under your outfit. A properly fitted, supportive bra will align you breast and give them a lift. This will work wonders for the both the look of your chosen attire and your overall appearance. Although well-fitting quality bras are generally more expensive, one that gives you the proper fit and support throughout your pregnancy is worth its weight in gold. Anything that makes you more sexy and attractive for those months is well worth the effort involved! After you have found the right bra and an appealing blouse or top to go with it, it's time to focus on color. Of course you want to choose colors that will work well with your skin color so you don't look tired or washed out, but also take a chance and try to add colors that are playful and fun. Your pregnancy should be a time to celebrate, so if you have followed these tips, you'll look fabulous. You might as well wear colors that will garner attention when you walk into a room. Red is a great fashion choice, as it is bold without being gaudy. Red is classic instead of trendy. A red shirt or dress will definitely get you noticed. Find a shade that compliments your skin tone, and if a red solid is too over the top for your tastes, find it in a print. There are a variety of fun color patterns that aren't too loud for a more conservative taste.

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Plus Size Fashion Tips For Your Style

By: Andrea Morris

No woman knows instinctively how to dress for her shape and often the process comes down to figuring out what looks good on you, in terms of style, material and color and then experimenting. If you are a plus size woman you should never hide your curves under baggy, shapeless dresses that resemble a tent. Not only will this make you feel less than sexy, it will also only accentuate the parts of your body that you don't like.
Be aware ahead of time that this process of trial and error could take a while. If you go to the shopping mall and find nothing that suits you, do not be discouraged or put off. Go back and look another day and keep looking until you find a dress that looks great on you and makes you feel like a queen! You might want to take along a friend who is a true fashionista at heart and who knows how to dress for her own body shape.
Don't buy just any old dress. You don't have to. You can do much better if you keep on trying. You want a large size dress that enhances your form and makes you appear radiant. In the store's dressing room, be sure to look at yourself carefully from top to bottom in the mirror. Consider whether this garment makes you feel special. Do you like your figure in it? Does it show off your womanliness? If the answers to these questions are all "yes", then you've hit on the ideal dress.
Nothing shows off a lady's great figure than a frock that fits exactly. That's why A-line garments are the preferred choice for larger women. This kind of frock flares out in just the right places in a natural manner, making it a terrific choice. The A-line is close at the top and flares out just a bit at the hips, tricking the viewer into perceiving a slimmer waist. Which is just want you desire, isn't it? If you've got great legs, get a shorter A-line frock for wearing during the day and a long frock for going out at night.
For the little black dress of every woman's wardrobe, rest assured that it does not have to be so little to qualify as a LBD! There are different styles to choose from but one that is more fitted at the waistline and then flares out at the bottom will give you a sleeker, more streamlined shape while still showing off the curves. Look for a little black dress with an empire waist. Whatever you do, avoid dresses that hug the body too tightly. Another fashion taboo is to buy a dress that hangs or drapes off the body.
Celebrating your body regardless of your size and appreciating all that it does for you, as opposed to focusing on the flaws, is vital to your self esteem and well being. Embrace your sensuous shape. Look for a dress style that accentuates your curves and then personalize that style so it reflects the inner you.

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The Real Deal On Fake Designer Bags

By: Jim Brown

Only a select few who are rich enough and can afford are lucky to own designer handbags. These bags can be very expensive and so knockoffs are making their way into the consumer market because many people worldwide desire to look fashionable and trendy but then couldn't afford the high price tags that these original and authentic designer bags come with. While you may think that buying a fake one will help save you money, you have to think about its harm and impact to the economy.
There are many reasons on why you should not even consider purchasing fake designer bags. First, the honest paying taxpayers carry the burden of this illegal business which is absolutely tax free as the business is not legitimate. Government sources have disclosed that billions of dollars in taxes are lost and are not paid by these counterfeiters so the honest taxpayers practically are on the losing end of making up for this difference.
The purchase of fake designers simply supports illegal activities and organized crime. There is evidence that many of the illegal activities and organized crimes committed are financed with money sourced from the sale of fake designer goods. Also, many of these fake designer bags are made by companies that employ child labor and who put these children under such unsafe conditions.
When you do think about it, the price difference of an original designer bag as compared to its fake or replica counterpart really enables the buyer to save hundreds of dollars. But then when it comes to fake designer bags, you can always expect the built and quality to be such a big difference. The craftsmanship of the bag is inferior and low quality leather is utilized. You are lucky enough if the thing doesn't fall apart in a couple of months and could last for more than three months.
Even if it the bag does not at all falls apart into pieces, there can be a huge change when it comes to the appearance. The leather no longer is rigid and will lose its shape. Stitches may run and edges may tear. Designer handbags that are original and authentic are made to last sometimes even a lifetime. They are even handed down to daughters.
It is suggested that if you cannot afford the real thing, then settle for those bags that are within what you can afford instead of trying to patronize knockoffs and replicas.

The Legacy of Lingerie and Women

By: Phoenix Delray

In the beginning, lingerie was designed to accent the breasts. Women in Crete wore corsets so extreme that they would literally thrust cleavage out as far as it could go. These garments were less about support, and more about the effect. In Rome, women wore bras made out of leather and loin cloths made out of either leather or wool.
In the Middle Ages, most women wore a close fitting, slip like garment called a shift, smock, or chemise, as well as petticoats and in particular, a petticoat known as the farthingale, which was stiffened with reed or willow rods so that the garment stood out from a womans body like a cone. The first corsets were worn underneath garments, and were designed to flatten the busts.
In the Industrial Age, inventions like the spinning jenny machines and the cotton gin made cotton fabrics more widely available, and people began to wear cotton underwear on a regular basis. The standard undergarment in this era was the union suit multi purpose long underwear. Women began wearing says in the 18th century, which wrapped around the torso behind and closed in the front, and these garments were stiffened and later evolved into a more restrictive, waist slimming corset.
A tiny waist was seen as the pinnacle of beauty, and as a result, corsets were lined with whalebone or steel which caused most women to be in constant pain, and even damaged some womens internal organs and bones. Breasts were thrust outward by corset designs, but were other wise not supported and allowed to hang loose. Most women also wore Crinoline petticoats, which were designed to keep skirts full and stiff.
The first underwear print ad in the United States was an advertisement for the Kenosha Klosed Krotch line, which emphasized durability and comfort. The first brassiere came two years later, as a result of the efforts of socialite Mary Phelps Jacob, who tied two handkerchiefs together to cover the whalebone of her corset, but the result was support for the cleavage, and a new project for Jacobs, who began making and distributing bras for her family and friends, receiving a patent for her design in 1914.
It has been said that the flapper era was truly the birth of modern lingerie, since decreasing hemlines necessitated a change in the look and feel of underwear and stockings. Since then, strapless bras, thongs, teddies, garters, and babydolls have become some of the most popular lingerie items on the market, and are designed for style, comfort, durability, and flexibility no whalebone or steel included.

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How To Find The Perfect Handbag

By: Mary Olaya

Let's be honest. These days there are hundreds of handbag styles to choose from. So as a consumer, where do you begin? Do you follow the fashion experts? Does the latest It handbag necessarily mean you must have that bag this season? Do you choose one that compliments your figure and works well with your wardrobe? Or do you choose quality with an affordable price tag?
Well, the answer is Yes - for all of the above. But there are also other factors to consider too.
Trying on a handbag is just as important as trying on clothes. Where your handbag rests will actually draw the most attention. If someone is glammed up, the first detail others will notice is accessories, most likely your handbag. A handbag can make or break your look.
The most important factor to consider when choosing the right handbag for your body type is Size and Shape. That choice is more difficult for tiny and shorter ladies.
Small and classic handbag shapes generally work best. Focus on smaller handbags that fit tightly and comfortably underneath your shoulder. It's all about proportion. Stay away from large, rectangular shapes. Small shoulder handbags are a great alternative. They work perfectly with figure proportions and add length to the body and arms. More defined round shapes, such as the gaucho & silverado styles, work too.
Also consider the handles and their positioning. The handle drop should not have too much. A handbag that sits below your hips will make you appear shorter. If you need a sling/messenger bag, be sure the shoulder strap is adjustable and let the bag rest near your hips and no lower. Avoid oversized, bulky bags unless you need an overnight or weekender. Big sizes will not flatter your shape.
Another perfect alternative is clutches. Go for different colours and styles. Clutches are versatile during the day and will carry all your necessities in the evening.
There are also limitations for taller ladies. Although they have a height advantage, some styles still won't work. If you're tall or slim, your long limbs work well for more rectangular and square structured shapes, such as motorcycle and paddington styles.
If you're not already a fan of oversized bags, get cracking. Oversized handbags are definitely - In. Fashion has embraced the oversized trend in handbags and clothing lately. What's the best tip? It's what our parents told us for years. Less is more. So consider a bag that's not too oversized. Don't go over the top. Go for box styles or rectangular shapes. The biggest blunder many make with these styles is practicality. Never carry an oversized bag empty. Oversized bags look flat and empty with just your wallet and keys inside. Use these bags as a useful shopping tote. Now, that's just plain easy.
Never let an oversized shoulder bag sit pass your hips. Straps should be short or adjustable. Not only will the bag look better, but its weight won't put pressure on your lower back. It's important for you to move comfortably and easily.
Let the handbag speak for itself. Do the inside compartments hold all your necessary essentials? Do you like its style and overall look? In the end, you have to be happy. After all, a handbag should be a girl's best accessory, not a burden.

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